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Sad to hear about her just today.

I had a brief chance to be with her in a car, when she was training my instructor. That’s the first time i met her. At the end of the session, I had a brief chat with her asking how is she so calm and her voice was so soothing to hear from the back seat while I was driving. She was also giving tips how to react when an ambulance is behind you at the traffic light. She said they cannot force you jump the red signal. I cannot believe she passed away. I came to know about it just today. May her soul rest in peace.


Jul 5, 2024



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Jun 22, 2024
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Jun 22, 2024
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Thank you xx

I didn’t know you Louise but my mum was a driving instructor and took part in the big learner relay a few times. She loved it and we all loved seeing her decorate her car. She passed away last year from a brain tumour at 54. Two amazing women gone too soon. Thank you for all you did. Xx

Eleanor P

Nov 17, 2023

Just found this photo from car fest 4 years ago

Claire Hill

Oct 20, 2023
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An honour to have met such a star

I left the industry 4 years ago now and unfortunately had cut ties with everyone. It was only upon looking up the BLR that I learned of the sad passing of such a lovely inspiring woman that Lou was.
I met Lou back in 2016 on the BLR as I was lead car. I only qualified the year before so was the first opportunity I could join and I jumped at the chance. I was slightly out of area so I had not much support on my leg. She was so kind and caring. She gave me the warmest hug upon meeting her and her smile just lit up it was infectious. I got to know her quite well over the next couple of years. She helped me pass my standards check and was always willing to chat whether it be about a lesson or just advice. She was so happy for me when I met my now husband. I managed to introduce him to her at car fest and she approved. I wanted to reach out to her a couple of months ago but I was too late. I wish I had kept in touch with her just to see how each other were doing. Thank you for all your guidance and support. You will be truly missed by all who knew you. My heart goes out to Blaine and all the family. Thinking of you

Claire Hill (was Kingston)

Oct 20, 2023
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Too soon

Lou came in to my life when I needed her most. She believed in me and lifted me up when I was down. She combined empathy and passion with brilliance. I have just read Blaine’s email about organ donation. Even after death she is an inspiration. I wish I had known her longer and my heart goes out to Blaine, her family and friends. I will treasure my memories of the time we spent together.

Claire Sandercock

Oct 1, 2023
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The greatest influencer

There was/were…

A vicar blessing the cars with holy water
A town crier announcing our presence
Colleagues uniting
A community dressed in local attire
A friend dressed as Pudsey
School children waving us on and making posters
Parents donating
Learners gaining confidence and feeling special for a day
And there was CAKE!!

All because of you…Lou..

Thank you x


Sep 25, 2023
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Such an inspirational lady

There really are not enough words (in my vocabulary anyway) to describe the amazing Lou. Such a kind, caring, compassionate, funny person. A force of nature & a powerhouse when it came to work & the Big Learner Relay. A genuinely beautiful person inside & out who always put her best effort into everything she did. I’ve always been a little bit in awe, & as it was so perfectly said at her funeral, I’m going to do my best to ‘be more Lou’.
She is & will continue to be very much missed by so many 💔

Sally Hall

Sep 20, 2023
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The Amazing Lou!!

It’s taken me a few weeks to be able to try and think of what I can say that will do a remote bit of justice to Lou. I realised there’s nothing I can say that can live up to expressing the brilliance of this woman. Its an understatement to say that she changed people’s lives. The entire industry will not be the same without her. I can’t imagine the pain Blaine and her family are going through. No one can prepare for such imaginable grief and shock.
Lou inspired me in so many ways. Not only in my professional career but also in my personal life. Lou achieved so much in her short life but her huge legacy lives on with so many. I’ve never known any non celebrity to be so well known and adored by so many. I am in no way surprised as I was honoured to have known and be trained by her. She helped me become the instructor I am today. I am grateful for knowing Lou, thank you.

Hooe Massarweh

Sep 18, 2023
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Sweet Dreams Lou

Beautiful inside and out. Inspirational, full of positivity and generous with her knowledge and genuine care for others, no matter what was happening personally. My mantra “be more Lou”. If I can be half the person Lou was, I will be very proud and eternally grateful that she helped me be that person.
Love and best wishes to Blaine and all of Lou’s family. I cannot imagine what you are going through.
Sleep dreams Lou x

Rachael Lloyd-Phillips

Sep 18, 2023
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Thank you 🙏

I never had the pleasure of meeting you but you still touched my life with your knowledge, help and support. Thank you Lou for everything you’ve given to all who have learnt from you on their Driving Instructor and PDI journeys.
We all send love, peace and blessings to you and your family as you take your final journey home and theirs with treasured memories. 🙏

Jillian Thomson-Drummod

Sep 18, 2023