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One in a million

I still can’t find the words to say how devastated I was to hear such sad news. I have only crossed paths with Lou a couple of times but have been following her for the last 5 years as an ADI, I definitely got that sense of feeling from Lou that she would always be there for you and that kindness always shone through, always going above and beyond in everything she did. The legacy you leave behind will live on in all that new you Lou. Sending my heartfelt condolences to Blaine and your family, may you rest in peace Lou 💔xx

Sarah Handley

Sep 17, 2023

Of course a Pudsey Car yeah do it !!

I first met Lou many years ago when a coach ran into the back of my car I’d not met her before as she was a newbie she turned round and came back and asked if I was OK and took my pupil on to college whilst others had driven past me.I was so very grateful such a selfless person always showing kindness.
I messaged Lou about putting Pudsey on my car as I wasn’t sure about copyright,she said ” great idea good advertising yeah do it”I can’t thank her enough for this encouragement words really can’t describe what a loss to everyone you will not be forgotten to all that have had the honour of knowing such a wonderful person inside and out

Johanna Mengham

Sep 17, 2023
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BLR 2023 – RIP “Lou”

The Big Learner Relay now draws to a close,
Absorbing the sad news which everyone knows,
It’s founder has left us, though not quite ten years,
Remembering “Lou” with affection and tears.

A Bear on a roof-box, in hundreds of miles,
Designed to raise money and plenty of smiles,
Though no longer present, we honour your plan
To increase the total as much as we can.

We’re told you loved colour, our cars display spots
To represent Pudsey – some few and some lots,
By wearing out T-shirts and Hoodies – take heed,
Your spirit goes with us for Children in Need.

Our thanks from Instructors with badge, pink or green,
Your training and workshops, and videos seen,
You’ve left us too early – life won’t be the same,
With love in our hearts “Lou” – we think of your Name.

Tim Grace

Sep 16, 2023
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Rest in Peace Lou

Lou you were always there when I needed advice, in fact nothing was too much trouble, even when I contacted you the week or so before your passing you did your utmost to assist in my query to progress with CDP. “Stay in touch” you said. You will be sorely missed Lou, I will endeavour to continue with my learning.
Sending love to your family at this sad time ❤️❤️xxx

Linda Frost

Sep 15, 2023

Rest in Peace Lou… and Thank You ❤️

Words can’t express the sadness and shock that Claire and I have felt ever since hearing the enormously sad news about Lou’s sudden passing 🥺

Even though we live so far away from Blaine and Lou, and so haven’t seen each other as much as we would have liked, Claire and I have obviously felt a great connection with them both due to the similar nature of our involvement as a couple in the instructor training industry.

Lou was a shining light and a true leader in the ADI industry, who did so much to help so many. She really was one of the most genuine and generous people I have ever known. She gave so freely of her time to anyone who wanted it – no doubt that was to the detriment of her own personal time, but it was just in her nature to help.

And who can forget her astounding work for charity? The unbelievable time and effort to bring the Big Learner Relay to fruition, and to bring thousands of ADIs together with a common goal to raise so much money for Children in Need? And ALWAYS with a huge smile on her face 😁

The sheer number of tributes and photographs posted here and on social media are testament to the impact she made on so many people. It really is so amazing to see! Her family must be so proud – she was an inspiration to us all 🌟

When Claire and I were writing our book and needed a better perspective on something we were writing about, she was only too willing to share her wisdom, even writing a section for us in that book. She willingly read a preview copy of our work, gave us feedback and a glowing review. All just because she was so generous and kind 😍

The moment Lou found out my mum had cancer, she immediately got in touch and asked me to divert all my work calls, texts and emails to her for as long as I needed. Even though undeniably busy with her own life, she didn’t give a second thought to reaching out to help me with mine. I will never forget that.

It feels so strange to talk about Lou in the past tense, and to some degree we shouldn’t think of her as gone. We might not see Lou around any more, but she lives on in the lives of so many people – so many people who now have a career (or a better one) because of her… so many of her friends and family that she impacted in her own special way. To Blaine, your children and your family and friends, we are so hugely sorry for your loss ❤️

Ged Wilmot

Sep 10, 2023
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Legendary Lou

Lou, you were taken much too soon, it’s incomprehensible. You gave so much to thousands of people, you were the most giving and selfless person I knew. Your dedication to others and your fundraising was legendary and inspiring.

Whenever I saw you, it always struck me (apart from how tiny you were!) how you listened with intent, genuinely interested in what others were saying, always welcoming with a beautiful smile and a great big hug.

You will be missed more than you could have ever imagined.

Lou the legend, I feel honoured to have known you.

Love to Blaine and the family x x x

Claire Wilmot

Sep 10, 2023

Just put on the fu***** ears and smile!

The above headline was one of the funniest things I heard Lou say to her friend and my Learner during the Big Learner relay. She was one of the funniest kindest people I’ve ever met. The following poem does not do her justice:

A Tribute to Louise

In the world of wheels and roads, she reigned,
Lou, our dear friend, now forever
With patience, she taught the art of driving so fine,
Guiding us all, like a star’s gentle shine.

Her quizzical smile, a beacon in the learning storm,
With every lesson, she helped hearts transform.
Though her time on Earth was too brief and taken to soon,
Lou built dreams in us all like she envisioned with “Button Moon.”

Her legacy lives on, in every lane we
With each turn of the wheel, she’s forever near.
In the industry, her absence, a void so
But her teachings and love forever shall

Let’s celebrate her life, the lessons she shared,
In her memory, let kindness be
She raised funds for children, a heart so pure,
In our hearts, her spirit shall always

Her absence, so sudden was a devastating
But the lessons she taught, they will continue to grow.

Though tears may flow, and our hearts may ache,
Let’s honor her journey, for her sake.

For Lou, our dear friend, touched us with her wit and her grace,
Her legacy lives on, with every embrace.

Goodnight Lou x

Diana Todd

Sep 7, 2023
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Rest in Peace Lou

Lou was very helpful to me on my last Standards check, and even sat in on my test. I also attended one of her courses at Milford village hall, plus her coaching presentation at BDDIA. She was a really lovely person and I was so sad to hear of her sudden passing. She achieved so much in her life. Thoughts are with all family and friends.

Andy Sheppard

Sep 6, 2023
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Thanks for everything!

I first came across Lou and the amazing fcbk groups in 2020 (bang in the middle of covid)
Struggling to get my head around part 3 and the 17competencies (although I can’t complain about LDC and my trainer) Lou inspired me, she had something very different in the way she explained things. Made my learning easily accessible and always there with such kind words and support whenever I needed her. (Even on her holidays 💖🤣)

she gave me the belief and knowledge to confidently take my part 3. With a pass of 39 I couldn’t have scored this without you Lou! For that I will be forever grateful. Her support didn’t stop there she continued to support me even the week before she was so cruelly taken.
I’m still in disbelief. 💖
I will always remember your words
“potential not perfection”
Rest in peace Lou 👓🚗👓💖

Love to Blaine and the kids xx

Lisa Jenkinson

Sep 6, 2023
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A True Inspiration

I have known Lou & Blaine since first qualifying in 2011. Sat in with Lou during a lesson for inspiration, attended workshops and a lead car in the BLR.

A tiny lady with the hugest of hearts 💕

Love to Blaine, Amy and family xx

Janice Williamson

Sep 6, 2023

A legend

Well I lost my phone last week. Best thing in a way. It kept my mind off thinking constantly about Blaine the kids and Lou This is what a legend she is…I kept thinking come on champ what would Lou do. If she was alive I ain’t gonna lie I wouldn’t have given a thought to her …now she gone I’m thinking more about her and the impact she left to my life. She was superwoman. I really didn’t know her as well as others did but she always had time to message me back when I needed her. I really can’t believe she isn’t here but her legacy will live on Lou I believe if I lost my phone you would say something like ya muppet/dickhead/…it will all BR okay..I
Miss you already so much. X

Champa morgan

Sep 4, 2023
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An inspiration

I first encountered Lou on the driving instructor training videos she and Blaine had made and posted online..but was lucky enough to meet her in person twice earlier this year.

Amongst many other very good trainers I found her content to be refreshing in some way that I could never put my finger on, maybe her delivery of the content, the way she could make things easier to understand, or just she had a soft spoken voice…
I then joined her PDI group of which I think I’m one of the longest members as I still haven’t passed yet due to my own training journey but, I did do a 3 hour drive down to Southampton earlier this year just to have a 4 hour lesson with the lady herself which was an absolute pleasure and I so wished I lived nearer so I could’ve had many more lessons because I learnt so much in those 4 hours about the industry and myself, and was immersed in her company from start to finish. Some of the ways she thought about things were quite different to the norm but then the way she could explain that to a pupil so easily was brilliant.
I then got to say hello again at the ADI NJC conference after her workshop.

I was like many very shocked at the news of her passing away, the industry is a lesser place without her. Hopefully many of us will try to “be more Lou” and she will have a long and great legacy.

Stuart Phelan

Sep 3, 2023