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Everyone’s friend

Still in total shock
Such a lovely, happy, generous, thoughtful beautiful mate.
Thanks for everything but especially using my daughters picture for the BLR. We as a family was so chuffed when Lou did this
Heaven has gained a very special angle ✨️ ❤️

Kevin Jones

Aug 28, 2023
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An unforgettable powerhouse

The news of your passing continues to be completely incomprehensible. I only met you in person once on one of your courses and we briefly chatted over the buffet.

I saw you again in passing near Maybush test centre and it was like driving past a celebrity! I am sure I even messaged someone and said “omg I just past Lou Walsh”.

You messaged me one day and enquired why I wanted to post anonymously, you were keen to encourage me to be bold…in our sparce messenging, you were always a cheerleader.

Lou, you made such a difference to so many people whilst you were here, a legacy many are envious of…and, tbh you are making a huge difference to me now…whilst I know little about you, I know you still had many plans/dreams unfulfilled…so each time I look in the mirror and start to criticise my lumps and bumps, I am giving my arse a “Lou-kick” as I am lucky enough to still be here.

Lou, the pain of the unjustice of your passing is unbearable, but know that, because of you, lives were made better, dreams came true, and your family will move through life wrapped up in so much love and support. Rest easy lovely Lou, until we all meet again xxx

Vikki Fish

Aug 28, 2023

A wonderful inspiring little lady

I had the pleasure of meeting Lou a number of times and each time left a lasting impression.
My friend Julia (a fellow ADI) and I had the pleasure of attending one of her SC workshops and found it very enlightening and helped us massively with our skills.
I also had great delight in taking part in a BLR in Yorkshire in 2019. My learner at the time was buzzing to do this and thrilled to be involved in the final leg of the day.
I’ll always remember that little bubbly lady with great enthusiasm for everything she did and will truly miss her.
Thank you Lou 💔

Rachel Fear

Aug 28, 2023
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A privilege to meet Lou, so inspiring

I had the privilege meeting Lou at the standards check training and joining the learner relay last year. Lou, such a fantastic person, great sense of humour, always encouraging instructors to strive and arranging the big learner relay for children in need. Lou spent a lot of her own time helping others and such an inspiration to us all. Thinking of Blaine, children and family at this sad time 🥰😘

Heather Burnett

Aug 28, 2023
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You will always be remembered…

You will always be the reason I qualified as a driving instructor 🚗 and for that I am truly thankful and cannot ever repay you. 🥺 You believed in me, and one in a million doesn’t seem fair to describe you as there’s honestly not any words I can say that would do you justice.

I still remember you telling me on my part 3 day about looking “calm and graceful on the surface whilst paddling furiously underneath” and I still remember it today and it never fails to make me smile. 🥺

When I was told the news, it hit me like a tonne of bricks as I couldn’t believe it, I still don’t, it doesn’t feel real 😢.

To me you were indestructible, and would live forever, the thought of you not being here hurts and it’s a pain I don’t think I will ever stop feeling. 😢 We may not have spoken for a little while, but it still feels like I’ve lost a good friend.

The world 🌎 has lost a beautiful person and I think the industry as a whole, alongside your family and friends is grieving at such a tragic loss. 😢

You touched the lives of so many, and you will always be remembered. 💖🫂

Thank you Lou, for everything, I’ll miss you. 💖

Stacey Middleton

Aug 28, 2023
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True inspiration to everyone

I only met Lou once at last years BLR in Barnsley she was full of life and worked so hard for the fundraising I’ve followed all Lou and Blaine’s tutorial videos which have helped immensely
Lou was selfless and a true inspiration to everyone she will be sorely missed my heartfelt condolences go out to Blaine her children and family and friends

Vanessa Hirst

Aug 28, 2023
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Pint-sized Giant

I’ve stolen the term pint sized giant from someone else who posted it this week. Not because I’m “one of them” but because it’s true. How else could one describe such a lady?

I met Lou twice and watched countless hours of her videos as a PDI and still as an ADI. Her dedication to helping our industry was clear for everyone to see.

On both occasions she full of smiles and funny anecdotes, she was quite obviously the life and soul of the party.

Rest in Peace, Lou. Xx

Oliver Brown

Aug 28, 2023
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R.I.P Lou

I got the privilege of meeting Lou last year when I was lead car for Ipswich and then again on the finally. I honestly could not believe how kind and welcoming she was. She settled my nervous so fast. I am so grateful to have got the chance to meet her after hearing so many wonderful things off of lots of instructors. She will be greatly missed but all. Thank you for being you xx

Kirsty Bolton

Aug 28, 2023
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A sad loss to the world

Lou was the kindest soul I had the pleasure of meeting. She is clearly a loss to her family, but to the whole world. There are no more words xxx

Elizabeth Powell

Aug 28, 2023
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Selfless Angel

I never met Lou, but we talked many times, offering help and advice through my part 3, advice during my pregnancy, I attended her zoom calls in preparation for becoming an adi
And she was always there for support, never wanted anything for it and for that I’m extremely grateful ❤️
Your a true celebrity in the ADI world and one that many looked up to, your an inspirational woman one that will be surely missed
RIP to an absolute legend 🥰🥰

Vivienne Conway

Aug 28, 2023

A selfless, kindhearted lady, gone but never forgotten.

Lou, was introduced to me through my sister who is one of BLR’s big fans and we often took part in the relays and the dinner dances, which was always so much fun!

Lou was a selfless and dedicated person to what she did for children in need and had a real passion for life, which was admirable.
She will be dearly missed but will always be remembered for everything she did for everyone in her personal and professional life and I send my deepest condolences to the family and committee at BLR. Xx

Amelia Hodgson

Aug 28, 2023

Truly missed x

A truly inspirational woman.
I met you on the ‘red’ relay, and also on a course recently.
You were such a lovely, kind lady. You played with my little girl in the back of my car, who was only a few months old at the time. I have a fond memory of you 🥰
My thoughts and condolences are with Blaine and your family xxxx

Jessica Scott

Aug 28, 2023